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Excellent Shop!

Nice store ... but some items are too small

First time I ordered everything was great except for the tracking service it was in french and I don’t read french it would be better if it could be in English

I love your clothes and I am looking forward to receiving the items. it would be nice to have a currency converter on your site so we can have a better idea of what the product will cost in our respected country.

Thank you,
Roger Roa

Great store, great products, fast delivery and excellent customer service. Needed to exchange sizes for a product and the process was quick and easy.

Very easy to use!!


Tres chaud! Merci!

Very easy to understand structured shop.
Easy to crusen as well as to browse and buy on it.

gladly again

you have some fantastic sexy great stuff on your wepsite love it.

Love all the products. Very good fit. Very good quality of the materials and how it’s made. Please add more colour choices.

Looks good. Cheers.


The one thing that did work well was entering an address - for the US it is important to have the state and the zipcode. When I entered the zip code your system automatically assumed that it was California rather than Florida. This could be a big error. You might want to design the address entry so that for the US it asks for a state?

Otherwise easy to use, and I like the merchandise.

Très satisfait. Des vraies champions!

I really enjoy your store and the hot products you sell. On my only order so far, the prices were good and the shipping to the U.S. was very fast. There was a problem with the website which was corrected. When I have contacted the store for assistance, the response was fast, and that is much appreciated.

Luv this store. Always helpful regarding and query. Merci.

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